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Joahnna Palmiano Rivera  

"There is nothing more revealing than movement."
- Martha Graham

As a child, I can recall being extremely fascinated by human behavior and movement. I obsessed over the way people expressed their emotions through their being; in the way they communicated using body language, facial expression, tone of voice, rhythm in breathing. Somehow all this always occupied my mind. I would recall vividly the way people moved more than their names. I found it amusing and somewhat moving to see how people presented themselves to the world and to one another.

Years later in my adult life, I studied choreography at New York University where I discovered in great detail how people occupy space and move in time. It was an inspiring experience to be able to create movement from nothing. My love for photography began after meeting a good friend who taught me how to carefully look at the subtle details of an image and to see with a child's eye the story it tells. I have since then taken his advice and have enjoyed taking photographs that invite the viewer into a moment captured in time.

Joahnna Palmiano Rivera

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Ramona Rivera

Ramona Rivera began intense musical training during her Undergraduate years instrumentally and vocally. Having received two degrees with Honor, a Bachelor's of Music in Performance (with an emphasis in flute) and a Bachelor of Arts in Music (with an emphasis in voice) from La Sierra University, she had the opportunity to experience music in all genres.

Instrumentally, Ramona maintained her Principal seat for four years with all select groups including the La Sierra University Sinfonia, La Sierra University Wind Ensemble, La Sierra University Woodwind Quintet, La Sierra University Band as well as the La Sierra University Flute Choir. She toured mainly with the Sinfonia and Wind Ensemble, conducting on an as needed basis. The ensemble musical journeys varied from playing concerts to Oratorio and Musical Theatre accompaniment.

Vocally, Ramona joined various select groups namely, the La Sierra University Chorale, La Sierra University Chamber Singers, and the La Sierra University Vocal Octet. The La Sierra University Vocal Octet was an elite ensemble that maintained over 70 performances a year for recruitment and religious purposes, representing the University internationally. They recorded an album in 2003 entitled, "I Can Tell the World." Ramona also performed with the Vocal Departments production of Mozart's "Die Zauberflote" as the Third Lady and Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Mikado" taking on the role of Pitti-Sing. She also participated in the Musical Theatre productions doing scenes from "Les Miserables" as Eponine, "Disney Magic" as Pocahontas and "RENT" as a soloist.

Ramona specializes in creating three musical themes based on the Bride's preference of music. Of the three themes the Bride can choose which is best to her fitting or mix and match the pieces provided. Connections to pianists, violinists, and bands are also available at her discretion.

Christine Le

Christine's love of floral design grows from her passion for nature and color. Equal parts flower child, rock star, bohemian, and princess, Christine's sensibility is creative, her work eclectic and inspired. She is approachable and thoughtful, listening carefully to her clients so that she can create floral arrangements that truly delight them.

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Ralph Evangelista

Ralph Evangelista was born and raised in San Jose California. Ralph started his Disc Jockey career spinning at local nightclubs and bars. Since 1999, Dj Ralph has provided mobile DJ services for numerous events including weddings, birthdays, school dances, holiday parties and corporate gatherings. His musical influences range from hip hop to rock, but most importantly he loves pleasing the crowd with his creative style of mixing music for all ages. The dance floor is always packed when DJ Ralph is "In The Mix."

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